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The Middle East Accredited Universities – MEAU website is the number one source of reliable information about accredited universities in the Middle East region. MEAU provide trusted information and insight about Middle East universities for prospective international students, their families and agents to learn more about Middle East as a place to study.

Our website is a project of the Greater Middle East Research Hub a program of the American Research Foundation. It contains carefully curated, practical and reliable information to help students make informed decisions about where they’d like to study in the Middle East, which course and institution best suits their needs, and what the experience can be like when they live and study in a particular Middle East country.

MEAU website is designed to allow students and parents to search universities by location, category and specialization. Universities are listed and categorized as public, private, trust or nonprofit.

Each listing provides detailed information about universities which includes, a short description about the university, academic programs, specializations, admission requirements, international ranking, student services and contact information.

Each listed university has the option to display its Geo Location maps and an introductory video. University pages have direct links to university official website, and enables visitors to contact universities directly through the online contact form or through its social media accounts on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and twitter.